We are a technology company that provides tools and solutions that allows other industries to manage, validate and relate the information about their business.



    The core function of the Construction Industry is of course the construction of new buildings or engineering projects, such as highways and utility systems.

    The challenges of managing, verifying and relating information are many, and it is in this area where we are helping the industry.


    The main distinctions between the private industry and government projects, is that they are often managed, supervised and funded by one or more public organizations.  They key challenge for this sector is communication. The solutions we are developing and implementing in the government sector all run on our    platform.


    The top challenges facing Healthcare facilities continue to be:
    1) Hospital/building productivity and managing operating costs,
    2) Patient safety - reducing the risk of infection,
    3) Managing regulatory standards and emerging energy mandates,
    4) Hospital security and
    5) Increasing patient satisfaction while reducing their length of stay.
    The common denominator in all of these is that they all have financial impact. Our solution allows medical facilities to manage the areas and systems that are the driving force behind each challenge.

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